Autumn Fleece Show

Sunday 4th October


Thank you all for entering the HoEAG Fleece Show 2020 and congratulations to those who managed to achieve those coveted awards this year  ie Brillbury Alpacas and Bozedown Alpacas being the Supremes this year.  However, if you didn’t quite get this status, please really look at you score cards for each individual trait and see how you scored in these sections (look at what each trait is marked at and see how many points you got, as well as looking at the comments section, where it may say that more skirting was required) – if you got over 70 points you should be extremely proud of your fleeces.  In some classes it was so close that there was just half a point difference in positions, so you could have had an 80 point fleece that did not get placed, but it is still an extremely good fleece and you should be very proud!


Just to let you know, for those of you are having your fleeces returned by My Hermes Courier Service, they were picked up today, so should be with you in the next few days.  Please let me know if there are any issues.  Most of you have been very efficient paying your invoices extremely promptly, which I thank you for, but some of you still have not looked in your emails and I would be grateful if you could settle your invoice at your earliest convenience.


Thank you again for entering your fleeces and we look forward to doing it all again next year, hopefully being able to have our usual Open Day, where you can actually get your hands on the fleeces and see where your fleece actually gained or lost points in relation to others in the class.


We will be holding some skirting courses, whether via zoom or live at a venue in the New Year (covid restrictions permitting) for those of you who really want to present and get the best out of your fleeces, not only in a fleece show, but also for processing afterwards.


Please remember, if you achieved a Colour Champion or Reserve with 70 points or over, that fleece is eligible for the National Champion of Champions Fleece Show in March 2021, so think seriously about whether you want to enter it into more Regional Shows in the interim, as each time a fleece is shown it gets more disrupted and will not show as well at this Show.


Thank you again for supporting our Show, we are very grateful.