HoEAG Stud Brochure

In the uncertain times of Covid -19 and the possibility of being in tiers again this breeding season, the Heart of England Alpaca Group are establishing an online brochure for our Members to advertise their stud males.  This will be made accessible to as many breeders as possible through a variety of online avenues.  We are wanting to give our Members and other breeders the opportunity to find males that will meet their breeding requirements and without another year of shows to go to see what is available in their area we hope this will help aid both stud male owners and those looking for services.

This brochure is open to any Heart of England Members to advertise a maximum of 5 huacayas and 5 suris and will be emailed out to all of our Heart of England Members along with being available to everyone to view on the HoEAG website.  The information will be be included in our Newsletter and on Facebook.   

So if you are not a Heart of England Member, now is the time to join!  Membership fee is £25 per year.

For further information, please email admin@heartofenglandalpacagroup.co.uk